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       The films below produced by Deborah Dolen are now available on Amazon's Wireless Platform. Amazon approved all of Deborah Dolen's DIY filmography work in February of 2011.  Follow Deborah Dolen on Twitter  @DeborahDolen.  The first of Deborah Dolen's DIY films that premiered on Amazon Instant Film was Floral Design 101 and Floral Design 102. Deborah Dolen produced these two films in year 2005.   Visit's Deborah Dolen Page and shop for all Deborah Dolen books and other Deborah Dolen related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel).    Click here for free Aromatherapy book written by Deborah Dolen.

Films:  The Bathroom Chemist the Film   How to Make Candles Film   Floral Design Films

How to Make Gift Baskets Film   How to Make Melt and Pour Chocolate Movie 

YouTube Video DEMOS Floral Design 101 | Bathroom Chemist |  Making Candles  |  Making Gift Baskets |  Making Soap Making Chocolate | Floral Design 102 

Visit's Deborah Dolen Page and shop for all Deborah Dolen books and other Deborah Dolen related products

  Perfume Crafting 

 Making Perfume Enfleurage Method on Petal Science

 Aromatherapy Series  

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Making Gift Baskets The Film YouTube DEMO produced by Deborah Dolen


How use Facebook, Twitter and MySpace To Your Best Benefit by Deborah Dolen

For years I avoided Facebook, MySpace and Twitter because there were many other platforms competing to be “the” social network.  It was very hard to determine what platform would survive.  Over time Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have proven they are the “social sites of the fittest.”  Last year I joined Facebook and found a tsunami of friends and family already on it.  Facebook is a very neat experience and I enjoy being in there to relax.  On Facebook I can see a friends wedding in New Jersey, photos of my friends new baby in London,  see what concepts other author friends of mine are working on for their next book, read Amazon reviews, and even compare basic consumer purchases.  I also like Facebook because it's a good way to keep in touch with friends, old and new.  Facebook has attracted friends I know are befuddled by computers and it is a pleasure to see them in there.  Google Twitter Deborah Dolen for more updates on twitter.

Twitter is great to post short thoughts, recipes and ideas without spending all day in there.  Like Facebook, it pretty much replaces my diary.  I can look back a year ago and see what I was doing.  Twitter is great because I also get to see a glimpse of the daily news and how it is accepted into the public.   Using Tweet Deck I have been able to post on Twitter but also have the same thoughts posted in my Facebook and MySpace pages without having to sign in to Facebook or MySpace.  So, a very broad audience gets to see one sentence I wrote.  Plus I can do this all from my phone I love called the Samsung Comeback! 

I find MySpace a bit younger of a crowd but still very interesting as a social media-just in a different way.  MySpace seems to have more artsy friends, and I do not know why, but a majority of my friends on MySpace are singers, songwriters, bands and artists.  To make life simple I keep a nice MySpace profile but have a sticky in my MySpace main page to find me in Facebook or Twitter. 

Last but not least I like the ability to just update my RSS feeds and then all my friends can garner that information from their cell phones.  We are in a very mobile society and it can only help for you to master these top networks and make them resources or "tools" for your benefit.  You can join me on twitter at @DeborahDolen or my DIY brand @mabelwhiteDIY or visit my dog at @ringodawg as he has a Twitter account too! :)  See newest work at Petal Science!

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Iceland’s Volcanic Eruptions: Giving Food Storage a New ight writer Deborah Dolen (AFP/Getty Images) featured on BlogSpot  April

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